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Our Story

AMP has been a great success in the local market

in Southern California, providing high quality Air products for local gyms, schools, and events. We've decided to take our products to the next level and go global! You've seen air tracks and air equipment before, everyone loves them and everyone has to have them. We're not totally reinventing the wheel, we're just making it better! With higher quality products, customization and better pricing, we are striving to be your number 1 source for Air Mat Products. Let's get AMP'd....

Air Track, tumbling


Mike Burns Head Shot.jpeg

Mike Burns

Mike Burns is the founder and CEO of AMP and also owns a cheerleading camps and choreography company. He has worked with students of all ages around the world teaching them and mastering the art of tumbling. With 24 years of experience, his vision is to bring Air Mat Products not only to cheerleading and gymnastics, but to also educate other sports the importance of safely tumbling on air equipment. Mike continues to focus on delivering the best products with a service that can't be beat!

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